Bid from Any device, Any Platform, Any Time!

Closed auction platform for registered TradersOnline dealers.

Welcome to the TradersOnline Auction Platform.

Bid from Any device, Any Platform, Any Time!


TradersOnline auction is a closed auction that allows trade and/or excess retail vehicle stock to be sold via the auction platform to a community of registered vehicle traders/dealers. TradersOnline is an enticing alternative to buying vehicles through traditional sellers. Since the inception of our business in 2007, we have developed a successful and unbiased online auction.

In the current challenging economic environment, TradersOnline offers the opportunity for the informed buyer with an appetite for the chance to use their skills, to make a decent saving in buying their stock. Look no further than TradersOnline for your vehicle auction platform in South Africa with an average of over 2000 vehicles on auction monthly.

Inspection of Vehicles

TradersOnline strives for Integrity. We honour our commitment to only place vehicles that are evaluated by means of a quality check system before being placed on TradersOnline.

Being part of the Barloworld Automotive family; TradersOnline comprises of Barloworld Motor Retail, NMI-DSM, Avis Budget ex rental and Avis Fleet vehicles.

How to Register

  • On the home page, click on Auction Registration
  • Follow the 5 easy steps
  • You will receive an email that prompts you to provide the following documents:
    1. ID of Director
    2. ID of User
    3. ID of Proxy
    4. Proof of Address
    5. Company Registration Document
    6. Company BRNC (Business Registration Number Certificate) Document (This document contains your traffic department registration number that allows you to stock dealer vehicles)
  • Please email these documents to with the subject TradersOnline
  • Your details will be verified, your account activated and you will receive your login details. (We will contact you if the verification fails)
  • Now you are ready to start bidding

Placing a bid on TradersOnline

It has never been this easy to place a bid.  Place a Manual bid or make use of the Autobid functionality to place your bid.

The highest bid secures the vehicle!

  • Manual Bid:
    1. To place your bid, you will need to click on the .

    2. Once your bid is placed you will receive a notification. While you hold the leading bid, the vehicle will show green on your list. If you get outbid the vehicle will show red, this ensures that you will always stay on top of what is happening.
      Vehicle Time Left
      You currently hold the leading bid 0h 30m
      Someone placed a higher bid 1h 45m
      You have not placed a bid yet 1h 45m
      You have not placed a bid yet 3h 0m
      You have not placed a bid yet 5h 30m
  • Auto Bid: Using the auto bid is similar to placing a manual bid. The big difference is, with auto bid you specify the highest amount you want to spend and it will keep placing bids on your behalf if someone outbids you.
  • Basket: Like keeping track of your vehicles? The system makes it very simple by allowing you to add them into your basket. You can view your basket at anytime!

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